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ACRA Relief Fund

A Partnership Between the Arden Community Recreation Association and the Claymont Community Center

ACRA has partnered with the Claymont Community Center to create the ACRA Relief Fund to assist
residents of the Ardens with life-sustaining expenses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are a resident of Arden, Ardencroft, or Ardentown and struggling during this difficult time to
pay for essential needs such as:

Call 302-792-2757 ext. 0 to request assistance from the ACRA Relief Fund

A Claymont Community Center staff person will ask a few questions to see if you qualify for assistance.
Eligible individuals may receive up to $250 for immediate needs. CCC can also help you access other

All requests will be strictly confidential. Only the administrators of the program at the Community
Center will know who has asked for or received support.

Why the ACRA Relief Fund?
ACRA seeks to support our community during this challenging time. Because ACRA is not able to host
our typical programming, we are redeploying our budgeted expenses intended for community events
in 2020 to support the ACRA Relief Fund. The ACRA board decided to offer this benefit to residents of
the Ardens as a way of helping our neighbors and building community during this challenging time.


The ACRA Board

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